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I’m fond of analyzing and detecting errors in marketing code.

Why do U make mistakes but don’t intend to fix it? Ok. If U want I can do it myself.

Your 1st quest. I got  from this article. www.viva64.com/en/b/0344

            Because U don’t have social media comment form or feedback to get responds (send email isn’t so easy/useful for everyone, better like on habrahabr or social accounts) and don’t take contacts from visitors before they download  your product. (this form from other page  is’t good viva64.com/cgi-bin/ttx/ttx.cgi?cmd=newticket )

Important! If U have more new visitors U ‘ll lose 90% of them anyway.


Your 2nd  quest. What would I do in 2-3 months?

Analyze, correct and improve marketing effects.

1st step. Know your Costumers needs and habits

  1. How did they know about U?

  2. Why did they choose your product? Who made the decision?

  3. Get the success stories with exact figures of advantages. coverity.com/customers/

  4. Find the right words to convince costumers (“The more I push code through static analysis, the more I'm amazed that computers boot at all.” Dave Revell)

  5. Make list of words they use a lot in search systems.


2nd step. Make Pre-&After-Product service  – is your unique selling point (USP), which forms the value.

  1. White book “TOP10 code errors(problems) U can avoid” (C/C++)for example

  2. Improve Trial-easy process (fill the form before, Get link for a week trial, callback, reminder & advises, Code debugger online)

  3. Support, materials, reviews, feedback and License Renewal inspiration

3rd step. Find better Place for promotion

  1. It-forums for c/c++ programmers (cplusplus.com/forum/windows/172069/ )

  2. Competitors of your clients and it start-ups

  3. SM, groups & websites for programmers and Chiefs Of Developers (Chief Product Security Officer/ TIP Governance & Code Analysis Team Lead )

  4. Correct and put into practice our common ideas of promotion, viz.

    Make sailing texts, ads and photo/video materials for PR (all works I can do by myself or with freelance help, not to disturb colleges). How much works exactly:  3 or 5 a month?.. depends of your priorities and resources. For example we can make short interview with your client by skype or our developer.

    We should also alternate our materials and interesting news from similar resources. (the list will be formed in 1st week, look stage3).

  5. Test targeting ads in LinkedIn(linkedin.com/groups/C-Developers-Forum-87434/about ), Google(key words), forums(cyberforum.ru  , forums.codeguru.com , dreamincode.net/forums/forum/15-c-and-c/ )

    The final promotion places and budgets will form after test and defined lead cost and CPC figures.





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